We got our lovely Maggie Mae from VDK Scotties.  She is a beautiful girl with a great temperament.  VDK Scotties is an amazing breeder.  Honest, professional and very caring about us and our Maggie Mae.  VDK Scotties raises healthy, happy and VERY well socialized puppies.  I will definitely get another puppy from them in the future.

- Colleen Richie

We got our puppy Finn from VDK Scotties in January 2017. We are so happy with him. He was already paper trained and so well socialized. Within a week he was totally house trained. We do barnhunt, earthdog, and beginner agility and he loves it all! Everyone who meets him walks away wanting a Scottie! Thanks to VDK Scotties for this perfect addition to our family!

- Alin Friedt

My real name is 'VDK Taffy X' and everyone calls me Taffy. I was born on May 25, 2012 and came to my forever home that August .

I am a Therapy Dog. I have never, in my whole life, met a stranger. My mom sent me to Obedience and Agility Training schools when I was only six months old. Scotties are pretty smart you know, and I aced every one of those classes first time out, and it was fun. When I was two, I was able to train with the St. John Abulance Therapy Dog Program. They are really fussy about who goes and who stays. 70% of all dogs tested don't make it the first time, but I DID!!

Since that time I have worked every week. One of the places I go to, I have been visiting for nearly four years and I love all my Grammas who live there. I meet all kinds of people in all kinds of places and if my Mom takes me, I know it's okay. For a reward, she takes me to Doggy Day Care on Fridays so I can play with other dogs.

I am so happy to be a VDK Scottie and I am so proud of my VDK Scottie cousins! I'm always reading about all their accomplishments on Social Media. I really want to thank everyone for including me as one of them.

- Taffy & Margie Lynch

Lady Kylie is doing very well in dog agility.  She has so many titles, but is only 7 Master Standard Qualifying runs from getting her Lifetime Achievement Title (no other Scottie has gotten this – the closest was 98 Master Standard Runs) which would mean she has 125 Master Games Qualifying Runs, and 100 Master Standard Qualifying Runs.  She is over 12 ½ and still is loving running every time.  Her achievements to date are: Bronze, Silver, Gold Award of Merit;  Excellent St. Bronze, Silver, and Gold, Ex. Jumpers Bronze, Silver and Gold; Ex. Snooker Bronze, Ex. Team Relay Bronze, Ex. Steeplechase Bronze, Ex. Challenge Bronze, Versatility Bronze Award.  Lady Kylie is still as active as when she was a puppy, and loves people more than other dogs, although she would have been a wonderful mother.  We both have enjoyed having her in our life.  She is just a joy, with her talking – arooo....., and her whining when she wants a bit of whatever it is we are eating.  She loves to go on her walks, and especially loves the jumpers courses in agility.  No health issues, and the vet said if she didn’t know any differently, she would not believe that Lady Kylie is over 12 years, because she is in such great shape!  Kudos to such great breeding! – Freddy and Kylie as her parents!


Miss Whiski is just getting going in agility.  It usually takes 3 years to train a dog to do well in agility.   She has her Masters Agility Dog of Canada, Master Snooker and Master Jumper Dog along with Excellent Jumpers Bronze, Excellent Snooker Bronze.  Miss Whiski barks the whole time she is competing in the ring, and stops the minute she has finished the course.  She is very loyal and so possessive of me – following me everywhere in the house and yard.  Her parents are Freddy and Whiski, second last litter for them both. She and Lady Kylie are half sisters over 7 years apart in age.  We are enjoying both of our Scotties each and every day.


We have not run into any other Scottish Terriers in dog agility in the last 8 – 10 years. 

-Arlene Dutchak

Our family connected with VDK Scotties in April 2015, a month after we tragically lost our miniature schnauzer.  Amanda was so passionate, honest and informative regarding the scottie breed. By the end of our first conversation, we already knew she wasn’t in it for the profit but to be able to share the joy of having a scottie. We were convinced a scottie would be a perfect fit into our family.

We were blessed with a scottie baby, Sadie who was born April 20, 2015.  She was from Emree’s last litter before she got to retire and enjoy a life without responsibility! Amanda welcomed us into her home when the puppies were 4 weeks old. We got to meet Wallace and Emree (parents) and VDK’s newest addition Rosie.

After we took Sadie home, Amanda maintained contact with us to ensure things were going well. We can’t say enough positive things about VDK Scotties and the relationship that was developed. We can say actions speak louder than words as we welcomed Nikki and Sixx to our family in October 2016 (Wallace and Rosie’s babies). 

-Chad Goalen

We recently just adopted our second Scottish Terrier pup from VDK Scotties this summer. We would never get a pup from another breeder. Amanda and VDK Scotties are an amazing , loving, and caring breeder. Our first pup from VDK was such a great part of our family and great friend, that when he passed, we immediately contacted Amanda to be put on a list for another VDK pup. Great breeder, Great dogs!

- Lance and Sheila Ubell

Calgary AB


These two rascals came into our lives in June of 2008.  Jimmy came home with us while Sulley was our wedding gift to our son Zak and Laura, his bride.  They are both, ten years later, still full of fun and energy, gentle with our two little granddaughters, and they impress everyone with their intelligence, manners and personality.  Another strong selling point is that Laura is very asthmatic.  She can't tolerate most breeds, including poodles, but she learned from our previous Scotties that this was a dog she could live with.  Finally, over the years we have had three Scotties before Jimmy and Sulley.  These two are by far the healthiest of the bunch.  We would recommend VDK highly to anyone looking for a wonderful addition to their family.

- Bill and Shelagh Rathgeber

Calgary, Albert

In Memory:

MacTavish Scottie Leader

September 26, 2005 – August 27, 2018

Mac as he became known as, came to his new home 8 weeks after he was born to our cottage, he loved it. It was winter, he loved the snow, playing in the snow, having snow thrown at him and putting his teeth on big plastic snow shovel going for ride. Loved Christmas, laying under the tree, laying on decorations, knocking decorations off the tree with his nose or with his tail that curled up onto his back and tearing out tissue paper out of gift bags getting into his treats and presents. Loved long walks along the lake shore or along long trails, smelling flowers, making frogs jump, chasing chipmunks and digging holes in flower beds, garden, lawn, everywhere he was a digger. Loved truck rides especially going for ice cream. Mac truly loved all aspects of life, the outdoors in all seasons. When we got his brother year later it was very apparent he was an instigator and he truly was very mischievous little boy and so funny. He truly is missed and always loved. RIP MAC.

- Lynn Leader


In Memory:

Piper MacTavish Leader

October 7, 2006 - September 25, 2018

Piper nick name Peanut came to our home 8 weeks after he was born, to our cottage at Balmy Beach, Pelican Lake, Ninette, MB and joined life with his year old brother Mac. After 3 days of Mac looking at him like "are you still here" they formed a bond, they were inseparable. Piper loved playing whether in snow or rain. Being Wheaton color he loved walking through all the mud puddles whereas his brother Mac who was black walked around them.He loved his long walks along trails with his brother & dad. Piper had lots squeaky toys and every day at supper time he'd get most of them out in middle of the hallway and start squeaking all of them. This little boy loved to eat. He ate everything, ate very fast and was always looking for more. He would always remind us to the exact minute when it was treat time in the evenings. He loved when mom would bake, both of them licking bowls. They got blueberry cupcakes or rice krispie cake, which was their favorite. Of course he really loved ice cream too, and enjoyed trips to the ice cream shop. There were always lots flowers around the yard, his brother Mac would stop to smell them but not Piper, he would just plow right through them. His favorite pastime beside eating was chasing chipmunks. He with Mac gave those chipmunks lots of exercise. They of course never caught one. Piper loved Christmas and playing with lots of tissue paper, getting new squeaky toys & lots of treats. Sadly after his brother Mac's passing Piper passed away 4 weeks and 1 day later from a broken heart. He just lost his will to live and wanted to be with Mac. They are now together forever. Piper will always be loved and so sadly missed. RIP Piper you'll always be our little "peanut".

- Lynn Leader


Taffy was my first female puppy. She has a great personality when surrounded by both people and animals... although she hates squirrels and will chase any cat that will run from her. She came from a great home-raised breeder and is a real joy.

-Don Gilman